A multipart Google Calendar tutorial series covering all aspects of using Google Calendar including how to use multiple calendars, resource scheduling, shared calendars and mobile syncing.

The following Google Calendar video tutorial series will cover all aspects of how to use Google Calendar in 2013, how to better schedule meetings and events and how to collaborate with colleagues while using Google Calendar.

Google Calendar is an incredibly powerful tool because it allows users to display and hide multiple calendars very easily as well as create and view shared calendars with coworkers, family members and friends.

If an event on a shared calendar is updated by one person, the other members of that calendar will also see the updated event details.

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This is a multipart part video series on Google Calendar that takes you from some of the most basic functions of using Google Calendar to the most advanced. Specific topics covered throughout the Google Calendar video series include how to create multiple calendars, how to create and specify all of the details of events, how to share calendars with others, how to hide and display specific calendar for a more detailed view of events, how to sync your Google Calendars with mobile devices and much more!

All videos in the series are embedded below for your convenience.

I encourage you to bookmark, share and provide feedback on my tutorials to help share the knowledge of using this revolutionary cloud-based word processing and collaboration platform.

Google Calendar Tutorial 2013 Chapters:

  1. Introduction & User Interface of Google Calendar
  2. Creating and Editing Events in Google Calendar
  3. Sharing Google Calendars
  4. Resource Scheduling with Google Calendar
  5. Syncing Google Calendar with Mobile Devices

1. Introduction & User Interface of Google Calendar:

2. Creating and Editing Events in Google Calendar:

3. Sharing Google Calendars:

4. Resource Scheduling with Google Calendar:

5. Syncing Google Calendar with Mobile Devices:

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