An introductory tutorial to using Google Docs and Google Sheets. This tutorial shows users all of the primary features of word processing from within Google Drive.

Google Docs and Google Sheets are the primary word processing tools available from within Google Drive.

Google Docs essentially functions similar to Microsoft Word and Google Sheets functions similar to Microsoft Excel.

If you’re looking for more details regarding Google Drive specifically and how to manage and organize files, see my tutorial on Google Drive – this article will focus specifically on Docs and Sheets.

The video tutorial above shows users where different features are located in Docs and Sheets and uses examples to demonstrate the how those features can be used.

Continue reading here for more information about the features available in Docs and Sheets.

Primary Features of Google Docs and Google Sheets:

1. Revision History

The “Revision History” feature of Docs and Sheets allows users to revert to a previous version a particular document at any time. This feature also allows editors of the document to review who made specific changes and when those changes were made.

If multiple users are collaborating on a single document, the changes each user has made will be highlighted in a color associated with that users name in the document.

2. Autosave

I have been using Google Docs / Sheets for years and I have never had to click a save button.  Need I say more?

As you work on documents in Google Drive, they will automatically save ever few seconds.  If your computer were to crash while working a document, you would be able to access that document using a different computer or mobile device and it should appear nearly exactly as it did when your computer crashed.

3. Realtime Collaboration

One of the most powerful features of using Docs and Sheets is the ability you have to collaborate with other users.  If multiple users are working on a document at the same time, they will see each others changes as they happen.  You can even see the where another users cursor is currently located in a document.

This features makes it easy to have multiple users collaborating on a document and ensures that they aren’t overwriting each other’s changes.

4. Accessibility

The documents you create in Docs and Sheets are saved in the cloud with Google Drive.  That means that they’re accessible from virtually any device in the world that has an internet connection.  Of course you’ll need to know your account username and password to access your documents but, as long as you know that, you’ll never lose access to your documents again.

5. Simplicity

Docs and Sheets have essentially the same functionality of the traditional Microsoft Office applications. That being said, Google has done a good job of simplifying the user interface to be useful and intuitive.

When you first create a document, the overall user interface may look plain and basic. This is actually great because it allows you to focus on the document you’re working on instead of being distracted by the program you’re using.

The primary features of Docs and Sheets are conveniently located in the top tool bar but additional features are also available from the dropdown menus.

For a demonstration of the features mentioned above, see the embedded video tutorial.

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