How to password protect or lock a Google Drive spreadsheet using an encryption script.

The video above shows you how to password protect and lock a Google Drive spreadsheet via an encryption script.

Unfortunately, Google does not offer a native, built-in way of locking access to specific documents. The only form of security offered by Google is your account username and password.

There is, however, a way to code an encryption script within Google Drive to lock a spreadsheet.

Sounds complicated right?

Luckily, has already created an encrypted spreadsheet template for us to use.

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The instructions regarding how to use the scripted spreadsheet are a bit outdated and its actually easier now!

In the video above, I walk you through all the specific steps needed to encrypt your spreadsheet.

This method isn’t going to be fool proof but it will definitely make it much harder for an average person to see your data even if they’re logged into your Google account.

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