A Google Drive tutorial for 2017 that shows users the primary features of using Google’s G Suite Drive with the 2017 user interface.

Google Drive is one of the premier services for file storage and collaboration currently available in the marketplace.

Many organizations are using Google Drive as part of Google Apps for Business to handle all of their file sharing and storage needs.

Users can compose documents, spreadsheets and presentations using Google Docs and then manage and share all of their files in the same place using Drive’s collaboration features.

If one user is editing a file in Google Drive, others users with the same file open will see the document changes in real time. In other words, you can watch someone edit a document as they type from the other side of the world.

AnsonAlex.com has been providing video and print tutorials on using Google Drive since 2011.

The 2017 Google Drive tutorial above covers all of the primary features of Google Drive that are currently available.

If you’re looking for a tutorial on creating documents and spreadsheets with Google Drive, see my tutorial on using Docs and Sheets.

Some features mentioned may have been covered in past tutorials but are retouched upon in this video that features the newest Google Drive user interface.

There are also many new features and tweaks to the 2017 Google Drive user interface that are also covered in this video tutorial.

The overview tutorial may be fast paced for some so remember to pause and rewind when necessary.

Topics covered in the Google Drive 2017 video tutorial include:

  1. Benefits of using Google Docs
  2. Viewing files
  3. Uploading files
  4. Sharing files
  5. Organizing files
  6. Creating folders
  7. Searching for files
  8. Emailing files as attachments
  9. Modifying Drive settings

By the end of this tutorial you should feel comfortable using all features available in Google Drive.

Again, I will be publishing more Google Drive and Google Apps tutorials throughout the year so stay tuned.

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