An introductory Google Plus how to and beginner tutorial featuring the 2012 Google+ interface.

The Google+ / Google Plus “how to” tutorial below is perfect for users that are new to Google+ or current Google+ users looking to use the service more efficiently.

Last year, when Google+ was first opened for beta testing, I wrote 30+ tutorials related to Google+ that are available here:

Google+ Tutorials and Documentation from

The interface in Google+ has changed significantly since last year so I’ve decided to produce an updated Google+ video tutorial for beginners that covers the following topics:

  1. Navigating within the 2012 Google+ interface.
  2. Responding and reacting to status updates posted by people in your circles.
  3. Posting status updates to specific people and groups.
  4. Configuring your Google+ circles.
  5. Editing and specifying the visibility of your Google+ profile.

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