A tutorial on how to edit comments on Facebook Timeline after you've already posted them.

How can I edit a comment I’ve already posted on Facebook Timeline?

This is a question that Facebook users have been asking for years and as of yesterday, commenting editing is now a feature of Facebook.

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If you post a comment on Facebook and want to edit or correct it, simply mouse over the comment and click on the pencil icon in the top right corner.

If you click on the “Edit…” option, your comment will be opened back up allowing you to edit, change and alter it in any way that you desire!

Bugs and notes on editing comments on Facebook:

  1. Although comment editing is work on Facebook profile pages, it is pretty buggy on Facebook fan pages. When attempting to edit a comment on a fan page, you will be able to make changes but won’t be able to resubmit your edited comment.
  2. When you edit a comment on Facebook, users will still be able to see the “comment history” which includes all versions of the comment so be careful how you decide to use this feature!

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