How to Organize Files and Documents in Google Drive 2013 [Video]

Google Drive Tutorial 2013

The Organizing Documents and Folders in Google Drive video tutorial below is part 4 of a 4 part series on the 2013 interface of Google Drive and Google Docs.

This video introduces users to organizing files and documents by using folders, filters, search and other built-in file managment methods.

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Google Drive Tutorial 2013 Chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Composing Google Documents in Google Drive
  3. Sharing Documents and Folders
  4. Document Organization and Management
  5. Advanced Sharing and Permissions
  6. Third Party Apps in Google Drive

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Organizing Files, Folders and Documents in Google Drive

Organizing files and folders in Google Drive works sightly differently than when using Microsoft Office. In Microsoft Office, the user creates and edits documents within the Office Suite, document organization however, is done at the computer operating system and users generally organize their files on a folder located on their computer.

File organization in Google Drive and Google Docs takes place in the same web interface that document creation and editing takes place. Although many traditional document storage ideologies still exist in Google Drive, the actual implementation is a bit different and this tutorial walks users through all of the different options when organizing and managing documents in the 2013 Google Drive interface.

I do not work for Google, nor was I compensated for the production of this video series. I am simply a Google Docs user (both personally and professionally) that would like to share my knowledge and insight with others to help provide a more seamless transition to Google Drive.

Feel free to share my video with others and if you plan on watching the entire Google Drive Tutorial 2013 video series, you may want to bookmark my post containing all 4 videos on the same page.


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14 Responses to "How to Organize Files and Documents in Google Drive 2013 [Video]"

  1. John Brissett says:

    Four excellent presentations. I knew nothing about Google Drive an hour or so ago, and I now feel that I have the confidence to start. I even found myself laughing alone at some of the amazing features you explained. Thank you

  2. rodger rodger says:

    My operations manager need to be able to sync files like I do.

    He just needs to sync so he can down load a lot of files at once. He does not need to make changes to the files.

    Pretty much I upload master files and he needs to be able to download them as easy as I upload them by drag and drop.

    Is there a way to do this and not use the email way of downloading? OR
    Do I just let him log into my account and download only?

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      I would just create a folder to upload all of the files to, create a Google Account for your manager and share the folder with his account. Then he can log into his own account, access the shared folder and view all of the files that you have uploaded. I hope that helps!

  3. rodger rodger says:


  4. Maria says:

    U r amazing! I am somewhat tech savvy however been using windows and outlook forever and now moved on to Mac and gmail. I'm about to crash and burn because of the differences. Having trouble with Drive. I had all my files neatly organized on PC and tried to transfer them to drive. Couldn't find or if I did find couldn't open docs. Kept on creating folders now I'm so confused and don't know which is the most current. I'm trying to clean up everything and start from scratch. Any suggestions? Would love it if u had access to my computer and sorted it all out LOL!

  5. Jim says:


    Thanks so much for your instruction vidieos on google drive. I will share this with my team to help us collaborate more effectively.

  6. Anson Alexander says:

    You're very welcome Jim, I'm glad you found it helpful!

  7. Eugene says:

    Is it possible to have students upload to a particular folder? I am struggling with how to sort incoming assignments based upon period and assignment.

  8. Simon says:

    Very well executed, will definitely recommend your videos to friends

  9. Cathi says:

    Very helpful! Thank you!

  10. Kerri Noer says:

    Hi Anson,
    I learned a lot from watching your tutorials. You explained everything so clearly. I plan to teach this to my grade 9 and grade 10 business students. Can you recommend any additional lessons that incorporate business concepts and technology or any other great websites for this purpose?


  11. Richard Mews says:

    Great video tutorials. Thank you

  12. John Banbury says:

    Thank you Anson these very good tutorials.

  13. Heather Morrison says:

    Hi Anson,

    First of all: greetings from The Netherlands!
    Thank you for the tutorials. I find Google Drive very intuitive to work with and have managed to learn a lot just by working with it and trying different things out.

    I am however looking for more information on how to make charts and graphs etc. How to create an overview of specific data.

    Do you happen to have some information on that?
    I am used to working with graphs and charts in Excel but haven't really managed yet in Google Drive.

    kind regards,

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