How to share a Google Analytics dashboard template with another Google Analytics user or another website in your account.

The video above shows you how to share a Google Analytics dashboard template with another Google Analytics user or with another website associated with your Google Analytics account.

Sharing templates in Google Analytics is a great way to reduce time spent creating dashboards and to harness the power of one dashboard across multiple web properties.

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When you share a dashboard template, you’re not actually sharing the data within the specific account that the template is located. Instead, you’re sharing one of the particular views that you use to analyze the data and, when that dashboard is opened up in another website profile, the data from that website is displayed in the same format as it was displayed in the original website.

To share a dashboard in Google Analytics, access the particular dashboard that you’d like to share and click on the share dropdown towards the top of the page.

Then, click on the “Share template link” option. A URL will appear in a popup window on your screen. Copy the URL to your clipboard and then paste it into an email to send to someone or, if you’re just adding the template to another website in your account, paste the address into your web browser and then choose the website that you’d like to add the dashboard to.

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