How to delete photos and picture on the iPhone 5 or iOS 6 Apple device.

How do you delete photos on the iPhone 5 or an iOS 6 device?

Deleting photos is a very simple process but can be easily overlooked because of the way photos are viewed on the iPhone 5 / iOS 6.

When you first look at a photo on your phone, there will be a trashcan in the bottom right corner that will allow you delete the photo.

Update (01/17/2013): If you are not seeing the trashcan symbol when trying to delete a photo, then the solution you’re looking for is here: How to Delete iPhone Photos Without a Trashcan Symbol

After a couple of seconds however, that trashcan symbol will disappear to provide a more appealing display of the photo.

To make the trashcan icon reappear, all the user has to do is tap on the photo once.

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I’ve published a video tutorial below that walks you through the process but here is a list of the exact steps to delete photos on your iPhone 5 or iOS 6 device:

  1. Click on the Photos icon on your Apple device.
  2. Choose either the Camera Roll or Album that you would like to delete photos from.
  3. Tap on the photo you would like to delete to open it up.
  4. Click on the trashcan symbol in the bottom right corner.
  5. Press Delete.
  6. If the trashcan symbol is not visible, simply tap on the photo once to make it reappear.

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