A review and demo of the Leawo Video Converter Ultimate application for converting video files and creating / ripping DVDs and Blu-rays.

The above video is a review and demo of the Leawo Video Converter Ultimate application for converting video files.

The application is available for both Mac and PC is one is one of the most fully featured video converting applications available.

The Leawo Video Converter allows you to convert to and from all of the standard video file types including .mp4, .mov, .avi, .flv and .mpeg.

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The application also features a Blu-ray and DVD ripper, a Blu-ray and DVD creator and a web video downloader.

For years I’ve had to use multiple applications for my video converting needs because certain applications only handle certain file types. The Leawo Video Converter handles all of the file types that I use so there is no longer a reason to have multiple video converting applications on my computers.

In the demo above, I show users how to convert a video using the Leawo Video Converter as well as how to merge two videos together using the application.

A full license of costs $30 and is well worth it if you plan on converting videos on a regular basis.

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