Change / set the default application for every file type on your Mac OS X computer with the RCDefault App preference pane add-on for OS X.

Changing or setting the default application for a specific file type on Mac OS X can be done multiple ways.

The preinstalled method of setting default applications in OS X involves right clicking on an application, choosing Open with and then other. In the finder window that pops up, there is a checkbox for the selected application to always open files of the same type in the future.

Unfortunately, using the checkbox doesn’t always seem to function properly. In the video above, I show you how to install and configure the RCDefaultApp preference pane that allows you to easily manage all of the default applications for specific file type on your Mac OS X computer.

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I’ve been using this preference pane add on for years and it takes up less than 5 mb of space while adding incredible value to your OS X experience.

You can also specify default applications for actions such as email, rss and ftp.

OS X 10.9 users may be prompted with the message “ can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” when opening the preference pane in OS X settings due to Apple’s apparent attempts to review and approve every app that is installed on a Mac user’s system. You can disregard the message as the add-on does not harm your system and still functions fully.

RCDefaultApp is a must have for any series Mac user!

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