How to force quit an application on Mac OS X using shortcut keys.

The keyboard shortcut to force quit applications on Mac OS X can be useful when you encounter a spinning wheel on your computer or when a program / application is “not responding”.

As is explained in the video above, force quitting applications and force quitting specific processes on Mac OS X are two different things and both solutions can help out when trying to solve slowness issues on your Mac computer.

The keyboard shortcut to force quite applications on Mac is:

(Command ⌘) + option + esc

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Pressing these three keys simultaneously will bring up the “Force Quit Applications” window on Mac OS X and allow the user to choose the specific application to force quite.

Often times, if an application is not responding, it will say so in parenthesis next to the application’s name in the “Force Quit Applications” window.

If a user wants to stop specific process on Mac OS X, they can using a built in OS X utility called “Activity Monitor”. This application is available inside of the Applications folder and the Utilities folder on all computers running OS X.

As shown in the video, using this application, users can select specific process to kill on their computer instead of force quitting entire applications.

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