A keyboard shortcut cheat sheet for Mac OS X, regardless of the application you're looking to see keyboard shortcuts for.

Having a cheat sheet for all of the keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X can definitely help you save time and increase your productivity while using your Mac computer.

Besides, each application on your Mac OS X computer has it’s own set of keyboard shortcuts and you can’t be expected to know all of them right from the get go.

As you can see in the video above, I’ve found an app that easily lists all of the keyboard shortcuts for whatever apps you’re currently using.

The app is called CheatSheet and is made by a company called MediaAtelier.

Once you’ve installed the Mac OS X keyboard shortcut CheatSheet app, you can press and hold the Command Key at any time and a list of all the possible keyboard shortcuts for the current app will pop up on your screen.

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If you switch over to a different application, press and hold the command key again to see all of the specific keyboard shortcuts for that particular app.

This is one of the most simple, yes useful, applications that I’ve found for Mac OS X in quite a while and I’m really excited to start learning more keyboard shortcuts for apps that I’ve previously relied on my mouse for.

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