A Mac OS X tutorial for beginners and PC users in video format to serve as an introduction to using Mac computers and Mac OS X.

The above Mac OS X video tutorial is geared towards PC users and beginners to Mac computers.

Mac computers are great tools and they tend to be more user friendly than Windows computers. That being said, if you’ve never used a Mac before, it will be helpful to know where some of the primary locations on the Mac computer are and how you can perform some of the more basic operations.

The video above gives users a walkthrough of the Mac OS X interface including how to access different areas within the computer. The Finder application is discussed along with the Apps Store and Safari.

Additional topics covered in the Mac OS X tutorial include:

  1. Overview of Finder
  2. The Apple Menu (shutdown, restart and log off)
  3. System Preferences
  4. Spotlight Search
  5. The App Store
  6. Safari

After watching this tutorial you should be able to navigate to the documents and downloads folder on your Mac computer. You should be able to create folders and delete files and folders. You should also be able to access the Apple App Store and search through the offered applications. Lastly, you should be able to open up Safari and access webpages and Google Search.

I plan on continuing to publish introductory video to using the Mac OS X operating system and would love to hear which topics you would like to see covered in the comments section below.

Based on user feedback, I’ve already published a tutorial on using Keychain Access in Mac OS X.

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