Send Automatic Facebook Birthday Wishes with App

BirthdayFB Facebook app that lets you schedule custom birthday wish messages and posts to be automatically posted to your friend's wall on the day of their birthday.

If you’re anything like me, you probably forget to check the “Birthday” section of Facebook and end up forgetting to send birthday wishes to many of your Facebook friends.

I was recently introduced to a new app, BirthdayFB, that allows users to see all of their friends’ upcoming birthdays and set up custom birthday wish messages to be automatically sent on the date of the friend’s birthday.

I’ve seen similar Facebook apps in the past but the fact that you can send a custom message to each friend is great. With other birthday wish apps for Facebook, the user is limited in regards to what the message says.

Don’t forget your Facebook friends’ birthdays!

With BirthdayFB, the user has complete control over what message is sent and when it is sent!

If you would like to create some “canned” Facebook birthday wish messages, BirthdayFB allows you to do that as well! Users can create their own custom wall posts and then save them to reuse over and over again!

All that is next is for this app is to incorporate other events like anniversaries, graduations and holidays!

Stay tuned for a video tutorial on how to use the BirthdayFB Facebook App!

Please leave any questions, comments or concerns in the comments section below!

Anson Alexander

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