How to watch Showtime Anytime on a Mac computer if it currently isn't working for you.

Showtime Anytime does not always work on Mac computers as easily as it should. In fact, if you do some research around the web, many people are claiming that you just can’t watch Showtime on your Mac and that you’ll have to download the app for your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

These statements could not be more untrue!

In order to watch Showtime Anytime on your Mac OS X computer, you need to use Google Chrome and you need to install the Google Widevine Media Optimizer.

If you don’t have this plugin installed and you try to watch a Showtime show or movie, it will prompt you to install the plugin.

The problem is when you do have the plugin installed but not fully updated, Showtime simply won’t play on your Mac computer and you will receive no message as to why.

The trick is to either updated the Widevine plugin or uninstall it and then reinstall it. Once you’ve done that, head on back to Showtime Anytime and start watching your desired TV show!

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