Tips and tricks for using Siri on the iPhone 5 and iOS devices.

Looking for some tips to using Siri on the iPhone 5 and iOS 6?

You’ve come to the right place!

Siri was one of the last features I tried using on my iPhone 5 because, quite honestly, I am a power user for all technological devices and I can type and navigate super fast.

I figured that Siri would be good for those who can navigate through their iPhone at blazing fast speeds but would be hinderance for those of us that can.

I was wrong. Siri is so useful it isn’t even funny.

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The problem is that when most people start using Siri, they only use to ask stupid questions and trick questions to see what their full-time digital assistant will come up with.

Once you start asking Siri intelligent, fact based questions and start giving Siri direct commands you’ll quickly begin to notice how powerful this feature is and just how powerful it will become as technology advances.

You can access a menu on your iPhone or iPad that displays Siri commands simply by asking Siri what she can do.

I am almost exclusively using Siri to text and make phone calls now. I simply say, “Text PersonA – How are you today questionmark” and siri will send a text to Person A that reads: “How are you today?“.

Siri will show you a preview of the text before she sends it and my favorite aspect of texting with Siri is that you can click on the preview to make some minor change to the text message (punctuation, smiley faces, etc.) without having to compose the entire text using the keypad.

Siri is really good at finding scores of sporting events as well! Just ask her who is winning the game that you’re interested in and she’ll pull up the current scoreboard.

Siri on iOS 6 can also be used to open any application. For example, you can say, “Open Pandora” and the Pandora app will launch!

I’ve recently enabled the “Raise to Speak” feature of siri which lets you raise your phone to your ear and enter a command without have to click and hold the home button to access Siri.

I’m currently experimenting with this feature but, so far, it has not been enabling when it shouldn’t be – my biggest fear of the “Raise to Speak” feature.

For more details and tips on using Siri and accessing the Siri settings, check out the above tutorial on using Siri on the iPhone 5.

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