A top 10 list of Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts with a full video demonstration of each Mac OS X keyboard shortcut.

The following top 10 list of keyboard shortcuts to use on Mac OS X computers is based on the shortcuts that I use most often in my daily activities.

Using keyboard shortcuts on any computer greatly increases the speed and efficiency in which you accomplish tasks – both personal and work related.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts mentioned in the video above work for both Mac and Windows computers and others, such as the Spotlight keyboard shortcut, are specific to Mac computers.

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Top 10 Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts List:

  1. Undo – Command + Z
  2. Spotlight – Command + Spacebar
  3. Cycle Apps – Command + Tab
  4. Find – Command + F
  5. Copy / Paste – Command + C / Command + V
  6. Delete – Command + Delete
  7. Close Window – Command + W
  8. Minimize – Command + M
  9. Quit – Command + Q
  10. Select All – Command + A

If you’re interested in learning more keyboard shortcuts for Mac you can check out Apple’s official list of Mac OS X keyboard shorcuts or you can install the Cheatsheet App for Mac which lists all available keyboard shortcuts on you screen when the Command ⌘ key is held down.

If you’re interested, I published a full video review and tutorial of the Cheatsheet App for Mac OS X.

I would also love to hear about your favorite keyboard shortcuts for Mac in the comments section below!

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