How to fix the Apple Trackpad scroll not working for some users in Chrome and Firefox but configuring your Trackpad settings.

If your trackpad scroll has stopped working in Chrome and Firefox on Mac OS X Mavericks, you’ll be happy to hear that there is a workaround to fix the bug.

It seems that when users try to use the left or right two-finger gesture on the trackpad to go “back” or “forward” on a webpage in Chrome or Firefox, the up and down functionality of the two-finger trackpad scroll is then lost.

As is shown in the video above, if users disable the left and right scroll feature of the trackpad in their settings, the up and down scrolling functionality of the trackpad will return.

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This isn’t an optimal solution as many users rely on the two-finger left and right gesture on the trackpad but it definitely helps for the time being. Luckily I don’t use the forward and back gesture much so it pretty much fixed my entire issue but I know some of you out there will have to make a tough choice as to which functionality you value more!

Then again, we could all just start using Safari I guess?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see future updates of Chrome and Firefox also resolve the trackpad scroll bug.

If you have another workaround or tip for users experiencing the trackpad scrolling issue, let us know in the comments section below!

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