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Twitter Introduction Tutorial 2013 [Video]

Twitter Tutorial 2013

The following Twitter introductory video tutorial will introduce new Twitter users to the Twitter user interface and the basic functionalities of using Twitter in 2013.

Twitter is a social media platform similar to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. The way in which Twitter is used is somewhat unique in comparison to other social platforms and this video series will cover all aspects of using Twitter.

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This video tutorial is part 1 of a multipart video series produced regarding Twitter usage. As additional tutorials in the series are published, they will be linked to on this page.

Part 1: Introduction to Twitter 2013 [Video]

Part 2: Twitter @ Mentions and Interactions [Video]

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Part 4: Twitter Privacy Settings [Video]

Part 5: Twitter Background and Header Template and Tutorial [Video]

This introductory video tutorial on Twitter covers the following topics:

  1. An overview of what Twitter is and how it is used.
  2. Navigating within the Twitter interface.
  3. Composing basic tweets.
  4. Using the “Who to follow” suggestions.
  5. Viewing another Twitter user’s profile.
  6. Understanding trends on Twitter.

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