Gmail in Google Search Results Tutorial and Overview [Video]

Gmail in Google Search Results Tutorial

Google recently launched a new experimental feature of Google Search where users can see search email search results from their Gmail account when searching on the general Google Search page. This feature is still in the experimental phase and users can sign up by visiting the Gmail Field Trial Page.

The tutorial below provides an overview of the Gmail emails in Google Search results features and I explain what I like about the servce and what I think could be improved about it.

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Here is a quick list of my pros and cons regarding the features of the Gmail in Google Search results experiment:


  • Increased efficiency by not having to go back and forth between Gmail and Google Search.
  • A link must be clicked on to view the actual Gmail results to protect privacy.
  • Can quickly find information on your personal upcoming plane flights by searching in Google.
  • Can search for contacts on the normal Google Search page.

  • Cons:

  • In the snippet window, there is a lack of information.
  • Only 5 emails are shown at once.

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