Google Docs and Google Drive Tutorial 2014 [Video]

Google Drive Tutorial 2014

This Google Docs / Google Drive tutorial for 2014 serves as a quick start guide to Google Drive and Google Docs for users that are looking for a quick crash course to get up and running with Google Drive in 2014.

Google Drive is a file sharing, document creating and group collaboration platform that allows users to create, share and store documents and files in cloud environment for easy access and control.

Files stored in Google Drive are accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Files can be shared with multiple users and if one user is editing a file in Google Drive, others users with the file open will see the document changes in real time. In other words, you can watch someone edit a document as they type from the other side of the world.

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This tutorial is my first Google Drive tutorial for 2014. Last year, I created a 6 part video series on Google Drive which was very successful.

This year however, I’ve decided to organize my Google Drive courses a little bit differently. This first tutorial is a quick crash course that covers all of the basic features of Google Drive. Following this course, I will producing a 15-20 part video series on using Google Drive which will cover all of Google Drive’s feature in detail.

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The specific features and topics of Google Drive covered in this tutorial are:

  1. What is Google Drive?
  2. How to create a Google Docs or G-Sheets in Google Drive.
  3. How to organize and sort documents in Google Drive.
  4. How to create a folder in Google Drive.
  5. How to share files in Google Drive with other Google users.
  6. How to share files in Google Drive with non-Google Drive users.
  7. How to upload files to Google Drive.
  8. How to download files from Google Drive.
  9. How to open a document that was emailed to you in Google Drive.

As more videos in the series are published, they will be linked to in this post.

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments section which features you’d like to see covered in the Google Drive tutorial series!

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