Google Drive Third Party Apps Overview [Video]

Google Drive Tutorial 2013

The “Third Party Apps in Google Drive” video tutorial below is part 6 of a 6 part series on the 2013 interface of Google Drive and Google Docs.

This video shows Google Drive and Google Apps users how to access third party applications from within Google Drive, discusses the advantages of using 3rd party apps in Google Drive and shows users how to enable those apps.

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Google Drive Tutorial 2013 Chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Composing Google Documents in Google Drive
  3. Sharing Documents and Folders
  4. Document Organization and Management
  5. Advanced Sharing and Permissions
  6. Third Party Apps in Google Drive

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Third Party Apps in Google Drive Topics

Third party applications in Google Drive allows users to compose more complex document types than the normal Google Drive formats permitted. Google has allowed third party companies to integrate their products into Google Drive to allow for nearly limitless expansion of Google’s cloud-based word processing suite.

Some of the different apps currently available in Google Drive include Gantt chart applications, CAD programs, bar code and QR code generators, creative audio applications and many more.

Allowing third party applications in Google Drive has given the cloud community a unified place to develop and improve upon the cloud-based systems already in place. Expect to see the number of apps available in Google Drive to increase rapidly in coming months!

The video tutorial below will show you everything you need to know about using third party apps in Google Drive!

I do not work for Google, nor was I compensated for the production of this video series. I am simply a Google Docs user (both personally and professionally) that would like to share my knowledge and insight with others to help provide a more seamless transition to Google Drive.

Feel free to share my video with others and if you plan on watching the entire Google Drive Tutorial 2013 video series, you may want to bookmark my post containing all 5 videos on the same page.


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7 Responses to "Google Drive Third Party Apps Overview [Video]"

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks man, great tutorials, my non-profit team is now set up with Google Drive thanks to you! We know how to share how we want, and I just installed the hello fax app and sent my first fax. It was great not having to print anything out, but rather send a fax and have it automatically save a copy of it to Google Drive as a backup! Great stuff. Look forward to using the project management app to help run a construction project too. Thanks !

    1. Anson Alexander says:

      My pleasure Dave – I'm glad you found it helpful. I'm going to have to check out the HelloFax app as well. Is it free to send faxes with that app?

  2. Much thanks charles says:

    I set up a Android scratch pad Document in Google Drive so my wife who is getting shoulder surgery can use Her Galaxy Note 2….via google drive for speech recognition to create text without using a KEYBOARD.

    Android speech recognition plus Google Drive works really WELL

    Thanks for the great tutorial…. cheers

  3. Michael says:

    Outstanding series… highly recommended for everyone using Google Drive! Learned some great tricks!

    Anson, how about a video re using "G" Drive offline… syncing files / folders, creating docs while flying for uploading later, etc. Can you recommend a good video on the topic?

    Happy 2014…

  4. cam says:

    Great series, thanks. You may want to mention that many apps (including Smartsheet) are free for trial periods only, after that there will be a fee
    PS +1 for Smartsheet, have been using it for a couple of years now (outside of Google Apps), really useful and easy to share with clients.

    1. Anson Alexander says:

      Thanks for pointing that out Cam and I'm glad you've enjoyed some of the tutorials!

  5. Wow Great Series says:

    Great series! Very, Very good. I work for a small school in central SD. We are just starting to experiment with google drive and chromebooks.
    Your videos will help everyone learn faster and better.

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