How to Display / Embed a Twitter Feed on Your Website [Video]

Embed Display Twitter Feed Website

How can you embed and display your Twitter feed on a website?

Easy! Twitter has recently released a new customizable Twitter feed widget that is easy to install on your website.

The video tutorial below will show you how to access the Twitter widget creation page, how to create and customize your Twitter feed widget and then how to paste the code into your website.

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The Twitter feed widget offers the following customization options:

  1. A dark or light color scheme
  2. Different size options (height can be chosen, width is automatic)
  3. Whether or not Twitter replies should be displayed
  4. Different link color options

Having a Twitter feed embedded on your website has provides multiple advantages to digital marketing and user funneling.

It lets people know that you’re active on social networks and provides logged in Twitter users with a simple one-click option for following you on Twitter.

At the same time, a Twitter feed also acts as a funnel to draw user in to additional content on your website. If you’re posting your content on Twitter, a reader on your website may see an interesting article headline on your embedded Twitter feed and continue to click on the link and read an additional article.

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