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Introduction to Google Calendar 2013 [Video]

Google Calendar Tutorial 2013

The Introduction to Google Calendar video tutorial below is part 1 of a multipart series on using Google Calendar in 2013.

This video introduces users to the Google Calendar interface, presents some of the primary features of Google Calendar, introduces users to the aspect of using multiple calendars at once and walks users through the process of navigating between dates in Google Calendar.

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As more videos in the Google Calendar tutorial series are published they will be linked below!

Part 2: Creating Events in Google Calendar

Part 3: Working with Shared Calendars in Google Calendar

Part 4: Scheduling Resources in Google Calendar and Google Apps

Google Calendar Tutorial 2013 Introduction Topics:

  1. Navigating the Google Calendar interface
  2. Hiding and displaying calendars in Google Calendar
  3. Using different views in Google Calendar
  4. Changing the color of events on a particular calendar
  5. Accessing the Google Calendar settings
  6. Creating a new calendar in Google Calendar

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I do not work for Google, nor was I compensated for the production of this video series. I am simply a Google Calendar user (both personally and professionally) that would like to share my knowledge and insight with others to help provide a more seamless transition to Google Calendar.


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