Rust Night Vision – Best Rust Tip for Noobs [Video]

Rust Night Vision

Using night vision in Rust is essential to being competitive when playing Rust and is probably the best tip for Rust noobs.

By default, nights are completely dark in Rust except for when you use a torch, flashlight or have a campfire / furnace lit. The downside to use a torch or a flashlight is that other players can easily see your position from very far away.

Most experienced Rust players know how to configure their computer to see at night (night vision) without giving their position away by using a torch or a flashlight.

It all comes down to your computer’s gamma settings and if you adjust the gamma properly, you will be able to see nearly as well at night but without giving your position away.

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In the video above, I show you how to adjust the gamma on your computer to see at night in Rust.

This is very useful because there will be less players out at night so you can use the dark to go hunt for resources or move positions. It also gives you an advantage when you encounter another player at night. If he or she is experienced, chances are they will also have adjusted their gamma to see at night. If the other player doesn’t have their gamma adjusted, however, you will easily be able to kill and loot them.

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