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Contact Anson Alexander is a blog that intends to facilitate the process of information sharing. Through the use of this blog, people’s lives will improve, ideas will ferment and the online community will become a smarter, more informed group of collaborators. primarily focuses on the areas of technology, social media, tutorials and infographics.

Over the past few years, Anson’s YouTube Channel, featuring tutorials and tech updates, has really gained popularity as well and now has over 10,000 subscribers and has received nearly 2 million views!

Anson has also launched the AnsonAlex Services Page which offers freelance and contract services to those looking to improve their online presence or increase communications within their organization. provides insightful information on what is happening in the technological world, tutorials on certain programs and cloud-based services and information on how to improve your life, stay healthy and continue to grow as a person in the 21st century.

We have the entire online community at our hands and within that- information that may become timeless.  It is my hope that readers use information on to help better mankind as a whole.

Let the journey begin!!

About Anson Alexander:

Anson Alexander recently began working full time on his own business by producing content for and providing technical and business services to clients.

As the founder of he writes for, edits and manages the site, produces plenty of YouTube videos and provides services to clients. In his free time he plays video games, enjoys nature, the beach and loves to travel!

Anson has a BS in International Business and Information Systems and a minor in Spanish from the University of Tampa.
Anson Alexander Hawaii
Anson’s interests include:

  • Science
  • History
  • Computers
  • Social Media
  • Nature
  • Basketball
  • Traveling
  • Culture
  • Languages
  • Philosophy
  • Writing
  • Anthropology

If you would like to get in touch with Anson or view his resume, he can be contacted through the following services:

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