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Partner with AnsonAlex.com: A Unique Sponsorship Opportunity

Elevate Your Brand with AnsonAlex.com and My YouTube Channel

Hi! I’m Anson Alexander, the founder of AnsonAlex.com. I pride myself on delivering high-quality, informative articles and tutorials aimed at solving tech-related challenges. To improve my ability to provide top-tier content, I’m looking to build meaningful partnerships with brands that align with my values and the needs of my audience.

The Monetization Challenge: My Approach to Advertising

I know, first hand, the complexities and challenges of website monetization in today’s digital landscape. Traditionally, I’ve utilized display advertising as a primary revenue stream because it’s easy to manage and consistent.

However, I’m always exploring more authentic and impactful ways to collaborate with brands, especially those passionate about making a significant impact alongside me.

A Call for Serious Long-term Sponsors

I am actively seeking dedicated, long-term sponsors interested in a mutually beneficial partnership. This unique opportunity is not just about traditional advertising; it’s about becoming part of the AnsonAlex.com journey and contributing to the educational ecosystem I’ve built over the years.

What’s in It for You?

Exclusive Sidebar Banner: As a sponsor, you’ll receive prominent placement with a sidebar banner on every page of AnsonAlex.com, ensuring your brand’s visibility to our engaged audience across the entire site.

Impactful Presence on My YouTube Channel: With over 500,000 monthly YouTube views and a subscriber base exceeding 240,000, your brand will benefit from extensive exposure on a platform known for its dedicated and diverse viewership.

Sponsoring my YouTube channel is not just about displaying your brand; it’s about integrating your message into content that educates, informs, and connects with viewers.

Why Sponsor AnsonAlex.com and My YouTube Channel?

  • Reach Your Target Audience: With over 20,000 monthly pageviews on AnsonAlex.com and half a million on YouTube, your brand will be front and center for a tech-savvy audience seeking solutions and educational content.
  • Long-term Visibility: My aim is to forge long-lasting relationships with my sponsors, ensuring ongoing visibility and engagement with your brand.
  • Authentic Integration: I believe in authentic brand partnerships. Your sponsorship will be seamlessly integrated into my content, resonating with my audience’s values and interests.

Ready to Make an Impact?

I’m excited about the possibility of partnering with companies that share my commitment to education and innovation. If you’re ready to explore a meaningful and impactful sponsorship with AnsonAlex.com and my YouTube channel, please reach out to me at webmaster@ansonalex.com. I look forward discussing how we can collaborate to achieve our shared goals.

AnsonAlex.com offers free video tutorials on popular tech topics like macOS, Windows, Google Workspace, productivity tools and keyboarding (typing).
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