How to Use Parts of a Broken Cell Phone as Survival Tools [Infographic]

A broken cell phone in a survival situation may seem like a useless piece of equipment at first.

Before you throw it out however, there are some important survival tools that a broken cell phone or smartphone can provide.

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Let’s take a look a hypothetical situation.

You’re stuck out in the middle of the woods with only your mobile phone.

Forget about calling for help. You tripped on a branch earlier and your phone was hurled into a giant rock that caused it to shatter.

It’s getting dark and you’re starting to panic. You’re starting to hear noises all around you and you’re not sure what to do. You’re entering survival mode.

The thing is: there’s hope!

Using only your broken cell phone, you will be able to rig up some pretty useful survival tools. So, before you shop online for all the latest camping and outdoor equipment, you should probably shop online for 4g phones; because they’ll kill two birds with
one stone. Well, unless it’s the stone that broke your phone in the first place.

A broken smartphone can be salvaged into many useful tools in a survival situation such as:

  1. A fire starter.
  2. Cutting tools.
  3. A signal mirror.
  4. A compass.
  5. Hunting and fishing tools.

Check out this infographic on how to turn your broken cell phone into a survival kit, and feel
confident entering the woods again.

Click on the infographic below for the full size version.

How to Use Parts Broken Cell Phone as Survival Tools Infographic

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4 Responses to "How to Use Parts of a Broken Cell Phone as Survival Tools [Infographic]"

  1. adamant28 says:

    Or just call for an emergency pick up

  2. Natalie Bracco says:

    If the phone wasn't broken, then sure! ;)

  3. Simon Borg-Olivier says:

    Well done Natalie
    Well done AnsonAlex
    I love the infographics – very useful
    And I love your blog
    Cheers and thanks

  4. Atwas911 says:

    Using the battery to start a fire..

    Because just dialing 911 would be too much trouble.

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