Google Plus Compared to Facebook [Google+ Infographic]

Update: Although this infographic does a good job of covering the features of Google+ and Facebook, if you would like to see more information about user statistics in Google+ compared to Facebook, check out my other Google+ infographic!

Google+ has been out for over a week now and I’ve finally found the first infographic related to the new social sharing platform. This infographic was originally posted by and gives a great comparison of Google+ and Facebook.

The grammer and spelling were rather rushed so I did my best to correct them in photoshop but there were a few awkward sentences that I couldn’t hide! Other than that it is a good read!

Google has never actually called Google Plus a “social media” platform and, instead, insists on using the term “social sharing“. Regardless of how Google describes their innovative approach to social interaction and information sharing, it is no secret that it has created competition for Facebook.

If you’ve been following my blog then you know that I’m already a fan of Google+ but if you’re still on the fence, this infographic may help you pick a side!

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Google Plus Facebook Comparison Infographic

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8 Responses to "Google Plus Compared to Facebook [Google+ Infographic]"

  1. joel says:

    I think you might have got something wrong .. facebook video chat does need you to install a plugin before you can initiate a chat for the first time

  2. Anson says:

    That error has been corrected. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. Phil Johns says:

    Liking the infographic a lot. I certainly think Google + has HUGE potential but until it's made public and the users rack up Facebook will continue to dominate.

  4. deb walkup says:

    You mean I never have to get a zillion updates on a virtual farm/city/cafe/…..

    Woo Hoo!

  5. Bogart says:

    Some non techie people joined Facebook because of facebook games. Google+ should attract developers to build games too,

  6. Anson says:

    People have been digging into the source code of Google+ and have found a lot of game related icons already uploaded to the servers… Meaning that Google has plans for games in the near future!

  7. Thunder Pig says:

    Please, Dear God: No games on Google Plus. I don't want to see silly game announcements or people inviting me to play games.

  8. Roseynose says:

    Thank goodness for no games and no "apps". For those who really want to play games or download more web apps, there is the Chrome web app store for the Google Chrome browser only. Right now, Google+ may have 10 million users, but it will than likely catch on once the invite only thing goes away.

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