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Discord Tutorial for Beginners

The above video tutorial shows users how to use the Discord voice and text chat app for gaming or communicating with a group.

Discord has quickly become one of the top apps for gamers to communicate both while playing a game and while spectating games.

It is also used by many game server admins to post server updates and announcements.

Many massively multiplayer online (MMO) games such as Ark, Rust and Minecraft require users to join the group Discord channel before joining up with the group in game.  Voice chat has become a necessary part of online gaming and the flexibility that Discord provides leaves it as a top choice for online gamers.

Discord Features Covered:

  1. How to create and join Discord servers
  2. How to access Discord Direct Messages
  3. How to connect and disconnect from rooms
  4. How to text chat in Discord
  5. How to join voice channels
  6. How to manage friends and other users
  7. How to configure your Discord settings
  8. Managing Discord voice settings
  9. Managing Discord notifications
  10. Interacting with users on the same server

After watching this tutorial users should feel comfortable navigating throughout the Discord app. Users should be able to join Discord servers, communicate with other users and make sure their audio is properly set up.

I plan on continuing to update and improve upon this introductory video to using Discord and am always open to suggestions for future tutorials.

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