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A Google Voice tutorial showing users how to set up a free phone number and use the primary features of Google's VoIP communication app.

Google Voice is a communication web service and app that allows users to reserve a unique phone number for free, make and receive calls to that number and visually manage voice messages.

Traditionally, Google Voice only worked as a call forwarding service and users could not make direct calls from their computers or wifi connected devices.

In April of 2018, however, Google announced that it would begin to allow it’s users to make end-to-end VoIP calls. This is now a standard feature of Google Voice.

As explained in the video tutorial above, this allows users to make phone calls over wifi without a cellular connection – similar to using Skype.

Google Voice will also transcribe voicemails to text so that you can read your messages or listen to them depending on the situation.

Google Voice is a great option for small businesses looking for an affordable solution to getting a unique phone number. You can setup call forwarding so that calls to your Google Voice number go directly to the phone that you currently use. When making outgoing calls, you can choose whether you would like to use your personal number (default) or your Google Voice number.

The Google Voice tutorial above covers most of the primary features of Google Voice that are currently available.

The tutorial may be fast paced for some so remember to pause and rewind when necessary.

Topics covered in the Google Voice video tutorial include:

  1. Setting up a free Google Voice number
  2. Making calls
  3. Sending messages
  4. Receiving voicemail transcripts
  5. Setting up call forwarding
  6. Configuring important settings

By the end of this tutorial you should feel comfortable using most features available in Google Voice.

I will be publishing more Google Voice and Google Apps tutorials throughout the year so stay tuned.

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