Social Media Job Search Statistics [Infographic]

Social media job search and recruitment information and statistics.

As social media continues to grow, so does the practice of using social media for job recruitment and job searching.

You may remember I posted an infographic on how you can use social media to find a job and now I have another infographic provides even more statistics on how social media affects job search in 2012.

The infographic is posted below and was originally published by and includes information and statistics on how companies are using social media for recruitment, why they’re using social media for hiring employees and how you can leverage social media to land the job of your dreams.

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Highlights of the Social Media Job Search Statistics Infographic:

  1. 94.5% of recruiters have hired employees off of LinkedIn.
  2. In 2012, recruiters are expected to use social media to recruit for over 80% of job openings.
  3. Reasons recruiters use social media to hire employees:
  1. To find candidates that might otherwise not apply.
  2. To save money.
  3. To target specific job levels.
  4. To increase brand recognition.
  5. To target specific skill sets.
  • How you use social media to stand out to job recruiters:
    1. Make sure you have your profile picture uploaded and job title field filled out.
    2. Get social media referrals.
    3. Follow recruiters on Twitter.
  • Use keywords in your profile bios.
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