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What Apple, Google and Facebook Look For in Employees [Infographic]

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It is no secret that three of the most desired employers in the 21st century are Apple, Google and Facebook.

All three companies are known to have great working environments, benefits and opportunities to climb up the ladder.

Getting hired by Apple, Google or Facebook however, is a very competitive endeavor.

Thankfully, an infographic (posted below) was recently created by MastersDegree.net that provides some hints as to what Apple, Google and Facebook are looking for in employees.

Infographic Highlights:

  • Google is looking for lots and lots of software engineers. If you’re trying to get a different type of job at Google, you’re going to be facing a lot of competition!
  • Google likes creative team players– the stereotypical computer science nerd is no longer sufficient!
  • Facebook is looking for entrepreneurs that have developed their own Facebook apps and use Facebook regularly. A reference from within Facebook will help tremendously!
  • Apple is looking for developers that have experience in creating IOS based apps. They’re also looking for lovers of the Apple brand (go figure)!

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