Bath Salts Drug Ingredients and Side Effects [Infographic]

What are bath salts? Information on bath salt ingredients, side effects and prevalence.

What are bath salts, what are the ingredients in bath salts and what are bath salts used for?

This is the question that a lot of people have been asking since the recent reports of the “flesh eating Miami zombie”.

Bath salt is a recreational drug that is being marketed as multiple different products labeled “not for human consumption”.

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Unfortunately, this label is just for marketing purposes and the drugs are being sold in smoke shops and online drug depots.

To increase awareness about the dangers and prevalence of bath salts, an infographic (posted below) was recently published by that gives us all the details on the ingredients, effects and uses for bath salt drugs.

Bath Salts Drug Ingredients and Side Effects Infographic Highlights:

  1. Ingredients of bath salts:
    1. Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) – Main ingredient
    2. A substituted cathinone
    3. Mepehdrone or methylone
  2. Street Names:

    1. Red Dove
    2. White Lightning
    3. Vanilla Sky
    4. Ivory Wave
    5. Star Dust
    6. Lovey Dovey
    7. Snow Leopard
  3. History and Distribution:

    1. Emerged in the mid-2000s
    2. Avoids drug laws by being labeled as “not for human consumption”
    3. Prices range between $25-$50 per 50-milligram pack of bath salt
    4. Bath salts can be snorted, taken orally or intravenously
    5. Effects begin 5-30 minutes after consumption and last 2-7 hours
    6. 302 bath salt related calls were made to poison control centers in 2010
    7. 6,138 bath salt related calls were made to poison control centers in 2011
    8. Over 1,000 bath salt related calls to poison control centers have already been made in 2012
  4. Primary and Side Effects of Bath Salts (MDPV):

    1. Euphoria
    2. Increased alertness and awareness
    3. Anxiety
    4. Agitation
    5. Rapid Heartbeat
    6. Increased Blood Pressure
    7. Vasoconstriction
    8. Sweating
    9. Chest Pains
    10. Hallucinations
    11. Extreme Paranoia
    12. Delusions
    13. Suicidal Thoughts
    14. Violence

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