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Facebook Stalking Statistics 2012 [Infographic]

Facebook stalking statistics as of 2012 provide evidence that Facebook users need to be very careful about what they post on Facebook and who they make their posts visible to.

Facebook is generally thought of a social networking tool that allows user to digitally interact, communicate with and share information with their friends.

Increasingly however, Facebook is being used as a tool for stalkers and as a medium for people, normally not considered to be a stalker, to engage in stalking activities.

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An infographic (posted below) was recently published by that provides us with a number of Facebook stalking statistics:

Facebook Stalking Statistics 2012 Infographic Highlights:

  1. 63% of Facebook profiles are visible to the public – yes, anyone in the World.
  2. Social media sites that stalkers use the most:

    1. Facebook – 16%
    2. Twitter – 3%
    3. YouTube – 1.5%
    4. Craigslist – .5%
  3. A survey done on U.S. college students shows that:

    1. 83% regularly check their ex’s Facebook profile.
    2. 74% check the profile of their ex’s new romance.
    3. 70% use a friend’s profile to check out the profile of their ex after being unfriended.
  4. In 2009, 20% of U.K. divorce papers referenced Facebook infatuations and affairs.

*Note: There is an app mentioned in the infographic below called “StalkerChecker”. I did some additional research and found that this app is no longer available and its accuracy was of question when it was available. There is currently no Facebook app on the market that allows you to see who is stalking your Facebook profile.

Click on the infographic below for the full size version.

Facebook Stalking Statistics 2012 Infographic

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