Global Internet Usage Statistics 2013 [Infographic]

An infographic containing global internet usage statistics and trends as of 2013.

It is always fun to take a look at global internet usage statistics to compare and contrast different internet prices, speeds and adoption rates between countries.

You may remember an infographic I posted last year regarding online population growth statistics which discussed the countries with the highest and lowest rates of internet adoption growth.

The infographic below (published by contains a number of similar statistics as well as additional statistics related to global internet usage in 2013.

Americans are often surprised how we rank compared to the rest of the world when it comes to internet speed, cost an adoption – the US is not at the top of any of those lists.

Global Internet Usage Statistics 2013 Infographic Highlights:

  1. 44.8% of the world’s internet users are located in Asia.
  2. 21.5% of the world’s internet users are located in Europe.
  3. 11.4% of the world’s internet users are located in North America.
  4. South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong are the 3 countries with the fastest average internet speed in the world (the US is 12th).
  5. Hong Kong, Tokyo and San Francisco are the top 3 cheapest cities in world when it comes to purchasing a 200mpbs internet connection.
  6. The top 3 countries in the world when it comes to fast and cheap internet service are South Korea, Finland and Sweden.
  7. In Finland, it is a constitutional right to have access to broadband internet.
  8. 94% of the people in South Korea have access to a high speed internet connection.

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