How Many People Use Their Phone on the Toilet [Infographic]

An infographic containing statistical information on cell phone use in bathrooms and on toilets.

Admit it. You’ve used your smartphone on the toilet at least once or twice. We’ve all done it.

We may not, however, realize just how many people use their phones in the bathroom on a regular basis.

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An infographic (posted below) was sent to me today by that contains all the statistics related to people using their phones on the toilet – maybe too many statistics if you ask me!

Statistical Breakdown of Phone Use in Bathrooms:

  1. 75% of Americans admit to using their smartphones while on the toilet.
  2. Most common phone activities in the bathroom:

    1. Reading texts.
    2. Sending texts.
    3. Taking phones calls.
    4. Making phone calls
    5. Reading emails.
  3. 30% of men won’t enter the bathroom without their phone (20% for women).
  4. 91% of Americans between the ages 20-35 use their phones on the toilet.
  5. 1 in every 6 phones is contaminated with fecal matter – disgusting.

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