How Much Money Did Google Make in 2011? [Infographic]

As we begin the new year, many people are wondering exactly how much money in revenue Google made in 2011.

Knowing how much money Google makes can give us a very informative perspective of the internet’s economy, online advertising expenditures and insight into the financial direction the web is headed in 2012 and years after.

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Fortunately an infographic (posted below) was recently published by the WordStream Blog. The infographic does a great job of breaking down Google’s Revenue into 10 different industries.

It also shows the top companies in within each industry in terms of advertising money spent on Google Adwords. The most popular search keywords for each particular industry in 2011 are also presented in the 2011 Google Revenue breakdown infographic.

In total, Google made $37.9 billion in revenue in 2011. 96% of that revenue was from advertising dollars.

After taking a look at this infographic, you may also be interested to find out what the anticipated Facebook IPO price projection is.

Top 5 Industries by Revenue for Google in 2011:

  1. Finance & Insurance – $4.0 billion

    1. StateFarm ($43.7 million)
    2. Progressive ($43.1 million)
    3. Geico ($23.7 million)
    4. Quicken Loans ($21.1 million)
    5. eHealthInsurance ($20.6 million)
  2. Retailers & General Merchandise – $2.8 billion

    1. ($55.2 million)
    2. Ebay ($42.8 million)
    3. Macys ($35.6 million)
    4. Sears ($34.3 million)
    5. JCPenny ($30.9 million)
  3. Travel & Tourism – $2.4 billion

    1. ($40.4 million)
    2. Expedia ($28.9 million)
    3. Kayak ($28.7 million)
    4. Marriot ($20.9 million)
    5. ($19.6 million)
  4. Jobs & Education – $2.2 billion

    1. University of Phoenix ($46.9 million)
    2. ITT Technical Institute ($29.9 million)
    3. DeVry ($19.7 million)
    4. Capella University ($17 million)
    5. ClassesUSA ($16.3 million)
  5. Home & Garden – $2.1 billion

    1. Lowe’s ($59.1 million)
    2. The Home Depot ($50.3 million)
    3. ($21.4 million)
    4. Sears ($20.7 million)
    5. LightingUniverse ($15 million)

Google Money From Revenue 2011 Infographic

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4 Responses to "How Much Money Did Google Make in 2011? [Infographic]"

  1. Naomi says:

    That is great, but I want to see how all that money is dived up!!

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      The infographic shows how the revenue is dived up in terms of which particular industry and company. If you're talking about the particular medium that Google is making their money from I can tell you that they make a small amount of it through selling Google Apps for Enterprise but the vast majority of it comes from display ads. When you get as many pageviews as Google does every single day – you can make A TON of money off advertisements.

      Is that what you mean Naomi?

      - Anson

  2. staulen_green says:

    I discovered this site today and I appreciate the information it delivers through graphics! Its amazing!

    as for google, they'll always make big monie from big companies!
    Thanks for the articles about the brain!!!

    1. Anson Alexander says:

      I'm glad you're finding some information that you're interested in. As a species, we're making a lot of progress in understanding how the brain works and, the more we learn, the more we realize how similar it is to a lot of technological innovations that we've come up with.

      Thanks for reading and providing some feedback!

      - Anson

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