Internet Marketing Salary Statistics by Country 2013 [Infographic]

Internet marketing salary / income statistics by country for 2013 as well as salary statistics for web development, mobile development and data entry.

What is the average salary of an internet marketer in 2013?

It depends on what country the internet marketer is working in – at least according to infographic which also states the average salary of web development, mobile development and data entry by country.

The infographic (posted below) was originally published by and contains income and salary statistics for these popular internet related jobs.

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In all of the jobs surveyed, United States workers ended up earning the highest average salary.

Generally, United Kingdom workers came in a close second but not in regards to internet marketing salaries. UK salaries for internet marketing fell below the average of $15 / an hour while Russia took second place with a salary of $22 / hour. United States workers earned the most with salaries of $31 / hour.

Average Internet Marketing Salary by Country in 2013:

  1. United States: $31 / hour
  2. Russia: $22 / hour
  3. United Kingdom: $15 / hour
  4. India: $10 / hour
  5. Pakistan: $9 / hour
  6. Philippines: $9 / hour
  7. Average: $16 / hour

2013 salaries for web development, mobile development and data entry are listed on the infographic below!

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