Tablet and iPad Energy Efficiency and Consumption [Infographic]

Tablet and iPad energy usage and consumption information in this inforgraphic is compared to the energy efficiency of similar devices.

There is no doubt that the usage rates of iPad and tablet devices are on the rise because of the increased mobility that they provide for users.

There has also been an increasing societal movement towards energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and striving to use electronics that are “green”.

At first glance, it would appear that an increase in tablet usage would also correlate with an increase in overall energy consumption.

The truth however, is that many tablet and iPad users are using their tablet devices as a replacement for traditional computers, gaming consoles and televisions.

The question then becomes – “In terms of energy consumption, are tablets better or worse for the environment?

Fortunately, an infographic was recently published (posted below) by Vanarama that provides some detailed information on the energy consumption of tablets in comparison to other electronic devices that could be considered a “replacement” products.

Tablet Energy Consumption Infographic Highlights:

  • Over 300 million tablets will be shipped by 2015.
  • Laptops use 3-6 times more energy than tablets.
  • LCD TVs can use more than 10 times more energy than iPads or tablets.
  • Energy efficient apps for tablets allow easy monitoring of energy usage.
  • Tablets can be effective educational devices in areas that have limited power supplies.
  • Solar powered tablet covers already exist to provide power to tablets used in rural areas of the world.
  • The ecoPad by Fujitsu is powered through the kentic energy transmitted by the users from typing on the tablet.

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