Will a User See My Post on Google Plus [Google+ Flowchart]

A detailed flowchart that will help you understand who is and who isn't able to see the stream updates you post on Google+.

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If you’ve received and invitation for Google Plus then you’ve probably realized that the privacy controls are very intricate. Albeit powerful, the privacy controls in Google+ can be somewhat confusing for new users.

There are a couple ways to help you check whether you are using the proper privacy controls in Google Plus or not. The first way is to view your stream as someone else in Google+.

The second way is to use one of wonderful Google Plus flowcharts. The first one was developed by Lee S. translated and reposted by Axel Aigret, Cyril Galliné and Nathalie Gilson.

Google+ Stream Update Flowchart

The second flowchart is simplier but does not account for all use case scenarios. It was submitted by Eric Feng.

Eric’s flowchart also includes whether or not a user will see your post on Facebook. By looking at this flowchart we can see that, although Google+’s privacy controls may seem more complicated at first, when it actually comes to making a decision, the decision process is much more complicated on Facebook.

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