A review on the Mobile Telephoto Lens and tripod for the iPhone 5 including examples of zoomed in photos taken while using the lens.

The Mobile Telephoto Lens and Tripod by Hautik for the iPhone 5 is a great way to increase the distance at wich you can take photos on your iPhone.

The video review below shows you what materials are included in the package, how to connect the tripod and lens to your iPhone and provides some examples of how much farther away you can take photos when using the lens.

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I actually bought this product primarily for the tripod and considered the lens an added bonus. Quickly after testing out the lens however, I discovered that lens really is the coolest part of the package!

The manual focus can get a bit annoying at time but is a feature that photography enthusiasts will really love.

I didn’t realize until after purchasing the tripod that you cannot get an iPhone to stand up in the tripod vertically without the tripod toppling over. This is something that can be resolved by using velcro or tape but is a slight flaw in the product.

Don’t for get to buy the Mobile Telephoto Lens on Amazon for a great deal!

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