A demo of the Neo VR App for iOS that allows you to view reddit hands free in virtual reality.

The Neo VR app for iOS allows users to view Reddit with their VR headset.

Although this app is still pretty rudimentary, it does a good job of showing what VR can do as more developers enter the market.

As already stated, Neo VR allows you to view Reddit in VR.  This alone is pretty cool but there is one particular feature that really makes the app functional.

In Neo VR, the you can set a background for the “virtual world” that you’re in while watching Reddit videos.  It’s pretty cool to watch reddit videos while viewing the Earth from the International Space Station.

Where this feature really takes off, however, is when you set your background to “camera”.

By doing this, users can watch Reddit videos with their headset on but still see the real world environment around them.  Neo VR will use your iPhone camera to display a background – essentially functioning as an augmented reality.

Yes, you can watch reddit videos in your peripheral vision while you’re doing other tasks such as washing the dishes.

Check out the video above for a detailed walkthrough of all of Neo VR’s primary features.

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