Facebook Marketing Conference (FMC) 2012 – Overview

Details on the Facebook Marketing Conference (FMC) 2012 aimed at helping marketers improve their social media marketing efforts.

Update (2/29/2012): Facebook Timeline for business pages was offically released today at the 2012 Facebook Marketing Conference. It should be interesting to see how social media marketers adapt to the Facebook interface change!

Facebook recently announced that they will be holding the first Facebook Marketing Conference (FMC) in New York City on February 29th.

The event is aimed at helping marketers with their social media marketing efforts – specifically on Facebook. The conference is an invite only event but the information presented will surely be leaked soon after.

Facebook is rather vague in regards to the details of the event – at least to those who have not been invited. Publicly, Facebook claims the event is to “share our newest solutions, actionable insights, and proven strategies that demonstrate how you can use social technology to drive business growth“.

Facebook recently rolled out the Facebook Timeline profile to almost all of their 800 million users. There have been some rumors that Facebook will be announcing the release of Facebook Timeline for brand pages at the FMC.

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After filing for their IPO, it seems Facebook is attempting to receive more commitment from companies and marketing departments. By increasing the rates in which companies use Facebook, they can leverage their marketing power to make profits for their newly acquired shareholders.

Facebook also says that “key” presentations will be streamed live over Facebook on February 29th, 2012.

There may also be other announcements at the 2012 FMC and I will be sure to keep you updated as the event approaches closer!

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