Google released a new user interface for the Android Market yesterday.

Google released a new user interface for the Android Market yesterday. The interface is revamped to be sleeker, faster and more user friendly. The main updates are to the movies and books section. It is quite obvious that they’re counting on an increase on consumer spending in the mobile marketplace.

The new Android market allows users to download movies directly to their phone to watch later on. I think this will really help them generate some revenue to support their booming yet financially unproductive social sharing service “Google+” that was released a week and a half ago.

Movies and books are currently only available for download in the United States. Google hopes to bring those features to other countries in the near future.

The release of the Android market coincides well with the recent release of the Honeycomb Tablet. Google says that the changes will help both consumers and developers as users will be able to find exactly the app that their looking for in less time and with less effort.

The fact that this market update was released less than two weeks after the launch of Google+, shows that Google is not backing down in any arena and will continue to create, innovate and grow!

As with most mobile updates, the release will not be available to everyone right away but will makes its way to most Android users within the next couple days.

Anson Alexander

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