Information about the new YouTube commenting system and reasons not to hate it.

The new YouTube commenting system has frustrated many YouTube users but there are some reason not to hate the new YouTube commenting system that Google has released.

Generally, users are upset because they are forced to link their Google+ and YouTube accounts, the new sorting options have made it seem that it will be harder to find certain comments (in reality, it won’t) and that users cannot reply to some comments on YouTube (which is discussed in depth in another one of my YouTube videos).

Although these concerns are definitely valid, it appears that, in the long-run, the new YouTube commenting system will do better jobs of managing these concerns than the old one and that YouTubers will finally enjoy certain commenting features that they’ve been deprived for years!

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YouTube has been known for years as having some of the poorest quality comments on the internet. This alone, is one of the reasons that YouTube users cannot post links in their comments. In reality, links on YouTube could really enhance the service and add value to it if those links were credible and related to the topic of the video.

By implementing a new commenting system that holds users responsible for their comments, YouTube users can now add links to their comments. This feature alone make the new commenting system update on YouTube worth it!

It is also understandable that YouTube users want to retain their nicknames instead of using their real names. Users can still create Google+ pages for their company or organization and then use those Google+ pages on YouTube to retain their brand name / nickname. A lot of users would like to remain completely anonymous on the internet but those days of cyber anonymity are over. Holding people responsible for their cyber actions makes the internet a safer and more constructive environment.

User can still disagree with each other and debate over particular topics but those debates should be constructive instead of just being meaningless rants.

Google+ is the system that Google has chosen to integrate all of their others services into and, if you’re using one of Google’s free services, then you’re at the mercy of Google. There are plenty of other options out there on the web if you’ve had enough of Google,

I personally think these commenting system updates are great and that they will definitely make YouTube a more valuable and reputable social sharing platform.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new YouTube commenting system in the comments section below!

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