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“Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.”

“Google+ is in limited Field Trial Right now, we’re testing with a small number of people, but it won’t be long before the Google+ project is ready for everyone. Leave us your email address and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when we’re ready to invite more people.”

If you’ve been invited to Google Plus and are receiving one of the above messages, don’t worry. Google is only allowing a certain amount of people to join at a time right now.

Once the queue is filled for a particular block of time, they put new sign ups on hold even if you’ve been invited. This is only a temporary hold and within the next couple hours you should be able to use your invite and start using Google +!

Google+ Limited Release Notification Screenshots:

Google Plus Capacity Exceeded

Google+ Limited Field Trial

If you’ve already joined and want to learn how to add or invite your friends, check out my article How To Invite Friends to Google Plus Social Network.

To learn about privacy settings in Google+, take a look at Managing, Editing and Changing Google Plus Privacy Settings.

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33 Responses to "Google Plus Temporarily Exceeded Capacity [Google+]"

  1. Isaac says:

    Cheers, I was getting really frustrated with this.

  2. Eric says:

    I wouldn't say "temporary" or "next couple hours" — I received an invite yesterday afternoon, and have yet to see anything but "We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity" when I attempt to redeem it.

    1. Anson says:

      Thats weird because I got my invite a midnight last night and was able to get right in.

      1. Dune says:

        Thanks for the invite. I am also waiting in the queue. I'll let you know when I get in.

      2. Eric says:

        I'm genuinely happy that it worked for you…just a little baffled as to why mine hasn't freed up. It's been about 24 hours, now.

  3. Avocat says:

    I was invited this morning and I'm still waiting in the queue. A friend got in but can't invite other people yet.

  4. Kyle says:

    What did your invite look like… If it looks like mine, it hardly seems like an invite, aside from one line saying "-blank- has invited you to Google+" there's a "learn more" button, and other info about google+ but no other details regarding an invite. E.g. Signup link / invite redemption instructions. Not that I need that info, but it's usually standard on invite platforms and their notification emails.

    Is your invite email like mine, or did I receive a faulty invite? If there was ever such a thing :p

    1. Xartous says:

      I got exactly the same email and was also confused if it's an actual invitation or just info…

  5. Anson says:

    For those of you who are wondering how to accept an invitation:

    You will be invited when someone @mentions you in Google+. You will get an email saying "PersonX has mentioned you in Google+, click here to comment or view". Click that link (it may not be the exact wording). On the next screen click Join Google+. If the queue is full you will have to wait a bit but will be allowed in when they are accepting new posts.

    For those of you asking to be invited, please ask on this post:

    It is too much for me to add email address from multiple locations so if you've already posted your email here, repost it on the link above please.

    Good luck to all and see you in Google+!

  6. stimpson j. cat says:

    I know ppl that got in instantly,im waiting for like 2 days and still nothing
    Dont see much future on this if continue with that kind of flaws

  7. Bob A. Tron says:

    It's not a flaw, stimpson, It's in beta and they don't have thousands of servers ready for a flood of people. They're limiting capacity on purpose because it's still in testing and they need to scale it appropriately for their testing needs.

  8. Ish says:

    My invite has been waiting since the night they started allowing them. I'm still waiting for them to activate some of the backed up invites.


  9. Robson says:

    after receiving the email with the invite, you must click on

    View or comment on Anson Alexander's post »

    and then, on the next page, it will show the JOIN button.
    I wasn´t seeing it because i was using iphone´s safari… so stay away from mobile to accept it.

    Anyway, u may find a "over capacity" message… so u´ll need to wait 4 a while then.

    good luck yall

  10. Lien says:

    Thanks for your help, I managed to invite my friends!

    Do you know how to change name on google+? I was in a hurry so my last name is wrong. :(

  11. CG says:

    Not so sure this is true for everyone. A friend tried to invite me and I don't remember seeing any invitation. I see this as a serious flaw in Google+, even if it's 'temporary' because it's in beta.

  12. mark says:

    I have been waiting around 48 hours after obtaining an invite, after clicking Join, I get 'over capacity message' This is understandable, but I know of 4 or 5 others personally that have received invites at the same time and are using google+ right now, It doesn't make sense in my mind as to why, some clicked on the link hours after me so how can It have possibly been 'over capacity' ???

  13. Anson says:

    Mark, that seems to be the way it has been. I just recently heard that to start, Google+ has a 5,000 person capacity but that claim was not verified. I also cannot find any information on why some people are able to join quickly and others aren't.

    I can tell you this though, if you keep trying you will eventually be able to get in. I invited some people Friday and they got right in. Others I invited on Friday are just getting in today.

    There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why some people can and why others can but I'll definitely keep everyone updated on what I hear.

  14. justin says:


    I was invited on the 2nd – early in the morning, and still receiving the Temp Exceeded message even today – 72 hours later.

    Are you still able to confirm if it's just a timing/capacity issue? Or should I look for someone else to invite me…?

    Thanks much!

  15. Anson says:


    It can be confirmed based on the comments here and the posts and other comments all over the web. For those of us that are in Google+ and discussing the service, it is a known thing how difficult it is to finally get in and I've come to realize how lucky I am that I got in when I did.

    That being said, you're welcome to ask someone else to invite you. I'll throw on my next batch as well which I'm going to invite in about 20-30 mins.

  16. Isaac says:

    I don't know how Any of this is possible. I received my invite on the 1st of July and have been trying non-stop to join but continue to receive the same message, capacity is full. I have been such a Google fan and not getting in has been disappointing. If anyone could shoot me another invite so i can try again, Unfortunetly lady luck is not being to kind with me on this one. Lol, Thanks!

  17. Siddharth says:


  18. lurtem says:

    I got my invitation today in the morning, and I've seen a lot of comments about the same issue I have. I keep trying to join but the message is still there that they exceeded the capacity.

    The article says "This is only a temporary hold and within the next couple hours you should be able to use your invite and start using Google +!" for real is within the next couple of hours?? I am kind of disappointed. I don't think the privilege of an invitation is helping me..

  19. Anson says:

    To be quite honest, for some people it allows them in right away and for other people it takes days. There doesn't really seem to be a rhyme or reason to this.

    I do think, however, that there is a quota per day. So it would help your chances if you tried early in the morning. Google is in pacific time so anywhere from 3am EST to 8am EST will probably be your best chances.

    Wish I could help more but I'm just reporting what I hear!

    1. lurtem says:

      That makes sense. I'll try it during those hours. Thanks :) Hope I can report good news tomorrow :D

  20. Maudie Thane says:

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  21. Anson says:

    Sorry to hear that James… They opened the flood gates from about 9-12 last night but I tried to sign my girlfriend up at 12:15 and again they were closed.

    I know its frustrating, here is a link to the message that was sent out by a Google engineer regarding the invite process:

    It is at the end of the post.

  22. Tech blog says:

    this is really getting me pissed off as well. It's almost a week now and i still cant get access. Am tired.

  23. kristinatalley says:

    officially Google needs to let people know that they are not accepting new users at this time. I am working in the application and it allows me to invite others … knowing that they cannot join at this time… it was a waste of my time to ask others to join and now people are irritated because the invitations are invalid.

    get it together Google… this is a big deal…

  24. James says:

    hey Kiman,

    I just got in to Google+ and I've got some invites – leave your email and I'll send ya one no problem!

  25. James says:

    he no problem – i haven't even had time to sit down and dig into yet, but so far it seems pretty smooth to me!

  26. Kiman says:

    Thanks a lot

  27. James says:


    I am starting to feel like a creepy jerk for hijacking these blog comments and giving out invites. So sorry man!

    I do want to help anyone out because I know how it feels to need an invite – I just barely got mine!

    I apologize Anson, I really wasn't trying to spam or hijack this post, just wanted to help anyone out.

    You guys should check out his other post…

  28. Steve M says:

    Looking forward to Google plus

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