When Will Facebook Timeline Be Released to the Public?

Facebook Timeline Public Release

When will Facebook Timeline Go Public and Be Mandatory?

That is the question that a lot of Facebook users have been asking since the public announcement of the timeline feature at the 2011 F8 conference.

If you’re looking for information on the Facebook IPO, you may want to see my infographic on the projected Facebook IPO price for 2012 or you may be interested in learning how the Facebook IPO will change the user experience in Facebook.

Update (05/02/2012): Although Facebook announced in January that Facebook Timeline would become mandatory for all users within the next couple weeks, there are still users that do not have Facebook Timeline.

For the most up to date information on when Timeline will become mandatory, you may want to check out my article containing information on when Facebook Timeline will become mandatory for everyone.

Update (01/29/2012): Facebook announced this week that the Facebook Timeline update will be rolled out to every single Facebook user during the next couple weeks. The update will be mandatory but users will still have a week to prepare their profiles before their updated profile will be visible to friends.

Update (12/15/2011): Facebook officially announced the worldwide release of Facebook Timeline today on the official Facebook blog. According to the social media giant, all 800 million Facebook profiles will receive the update within the next week.

If you want to get it right now, visit the Facebook Timeline page and click the “Get Timeline” link at the bottom.

Alternatively you can also watch my video tutorial on how to enable Facebook Timeline.

There are a lot of changes that come with Facebook Timeline – I’ve had mine enabled for a couple months now. It will save you some time if you read up on how to prepare your Facebook profile for the Timeline update.

You may also want to learn more about the new apps that will be available in Facebook Timeline.

Enjoy it everyone – and if you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments section below!

Update (12/08/2011): According to an article on CNN and to multiple New Zealand Facebook users, Facebook has finally begun to roll out the Timeline interface to non-devolopers! The feature was announced in September of 2011 but was put on hold most likely due to a copyright infringement lawsuit pursued by “Timeline Inc.”.

Facebook officials say that the feature will be rolled out to most countries other than New Zealand in the near future!

I actually enabled my Facebook Timeline a couple months ago, right after the announcement. You can enable Facebook Timeline right now as well!

After enabling the feature a message was displayed saying that Timeline will be going public on Thursday, September 29, 2011. Well Thursday has come and gone and the new Facebook profile page has not yet been released to the public.

I was able to find a post at EvadDesign.com which makes it appear that the new Facebook Timeline feature will go public on Thursday, October 6, 2011.

Here is the screenshot that was posted:
Facebook Timeline Public Release Date

Unless you follow my tutorial on how to enable Timeline right now, looks like you’ll have to wait another week.

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42 Responses to "When Will Facebook Timeline Be Released to the Public?"

  1. Michael Fay says:

    That is stupid… When you sign up as a developer and activate your timeline you just get that notification at the top of your profile specifying when your profile will go live to other developers. Different users get different dates that their timelines will go "live." My page had the same popup except for the message saying "your timeline will go live Sunday. October 2, 2011." So now the 2nd has come and passed and my profile is only "live" to other developers. Not the public. Here is what it says:

    Your timeline is now live — Developer Release
    Please note: During the developer release, only other developers will be able to see your new timeline. Everyone else will see your old profile.

  2. FB covers says:

    But legal controversy with Timeline Dot Com is not solved yet. Then how will Facebook launch Timeline profile ?

  3. Anson Alexander says:

    The read an article this morning that confirms that the judge of the case dismissed Timelines.com's attempt at blocking the release of Facebook Timeline. That being said, I've also heard that Facebook has informally agreed to postpone the public release of Timeline. As soon as I can confirm the reports I will be updating this article.


  4. J says:

    "…wait until your timeline goes live on Thursday, October 13, 2011."

    (From Thursday, Oct. 6th)

  5. Hussein Abdultayeb says:

    Today is the 8th of October but timeline hasnt gone public. What's the reason for this?..is it because of the lawsuit filed?

  6. joel says:

    i have activated my facebook timeline and it says that it will go live on october 7… but then that date has passed and until now only me and the developers can see it…. how is that?

    1. chris says:

      well its only visible to those with timeline because wel its obvious, you can't see it unless you have it.

  7. pilous says:

    Yea, its now visible but only for the people who have it

  8. Roseann T says:

    its not october 19th becauuse its still hasn't changed for me yet .

  9. HYDRO says:

    Timeline will be launched november. 01.2011…

    1. KEITH PLUMVIES says:


    2. Hyl says:

      I sure hate to get TIIMELINE.. I've seen it, doesn't work very well, and I HATE IT!!!

  10. Anson Alexander says:


    Would you mind providing a link to verify that so I can update this post?


  11. Vaikken says:

    can someone please tell me about the exact date??!!.. today is november 8 now!!

  12. ramu says:

    if we update timeline by the developers way is there any things bad for our account..

  13. ramu says:

    i just make my regular facebook into timeline….by the help of some site (ansonalex.com)..is there any problem then..before it for all.

  14. Shaffa says:

    i want to remove the timeline from my profile but their is no app found so how can i remove the timeline from my profile

  15. Anson Alexander says:

    UPDATE: Facebook has begun rolling out the Timeline feature to U.S. users. Instead of having to enable Facebook Timeline by creating a Facebook application, you can enable the feature by signing up at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline


  16. Kadri Usein says:

    facebook is legit

  17. Trevor Rager says:

    It's pretty dumb that you can't add to your news feed (small updates) without it hitting your timeline- they should be totally separate things. You should be able to add feed material to your timeline without the overlap. Same goes with people posting on your 'wall' and 'tags'. It should all be up to the user to add to their own timeline.

  18. Liz says:

    I absolutely hate timeline and so do all of my friends, its so confusing to look at and it loses fbs original simplicity.

    Mine hasn't changed yet but when it does I'm deleting fb because its awful.

    1. Hapi2233 says:

      Well, still nothing happens. I like Facebook but I ll also delete my account because of this aplication. It just not …..fit me . Don t want another Hi5

      It is possible that they change the date of release?

      1. Hapi2233 says:

        I mean – change the time of mandatory implementation of Timeline?

  19. damien l yue says:

    i have alr updated to timeline.. but the only issue is
    my friend and i cant seem to view my profile on iphone..
    i can view my friend profile(timeline) but not mine..
    error msg "sorry, something went wrong"

    ppl cant view me, i cant view myself on iphone.. how sad can this be..

  20. Cat says:

    I've been on the page to sign up for the timeline several times now, but the button never appears….I assumed it was still in its trial period and the amount of people who could sign up had a limit, and that limit had been reached – from reading these comments apparently not….why am I not being given the option to sign up for it? :s

  21. ch arbaz says:

    why i am not getting my fabebook timeline sighn to get in ?why?

  22. ch arbaz says:

    but why iam not getting it

  23. ch arbaz says:

    there is no sighn come to get it

  24. Tai says:

    Does anyone know when the public will be forced to get timeline? I don't want to get it right away, because there is no way to reverse it when you get it, so I'm jut curious as to when it will be the mandatory profile layout??


  25. lalit says:

    hiiiiiiiiii like

  26. Rick Haggett says:

    I've seen the new timeline that is being forced on us, like everything else, and I hate! Before everything was nice and compact, now, it is spread all over the damn place and takes longer to find something. Business people cannot leave well enough alone!! I' m from the old school, the best school, when things are working LEAVE THEM ALONE>!! Good-bye face book

  27. Tera Brinkley says:

    [Facesbook], you have some really bad business practices….FB is a really great thing, I enjoy it, but every time you force something down our throats you think oh they will get use to it….well…ya we get use to it, we have no choice and we hate FB more and more….can't wait till your patent runs out and someone else who knows how to treat their customers starts a new 'thing'…haven't you ever heard… the customer is always right…you need to fire whoever your advisers are that are giving you such bad advice.

  28. Kris Solhaug says:

    Tera Brinkley-
    Anyone who knows and understands business clearly knows that the customer is NOT always right.

  29. om namah shivaya says:

    nice site i like it

  30. Will Sopha says:

    The only problem is that there is no "Get It Now" link on that page. I spent three hours yesterday searching that About Time Line page and there was no such link. There was just a bunch of videos teasing you about how good the time line is. I searched Face book help and of course that was useless. It just kept sending me back to that same page looking for the non-existent Get It Mow link :(

    1. Jennifer M says:

      I had the same problem – no "Get Now" link. Turns out my profile has been blocked from certain features because the system thinks it's fraudulent. It happened when I was trying to create a new profile and delete my old one. FB doesn't delete a profile immediately – it "schedules" the deletion for a couple of weeks later. When I tried to create a new profile and entered the same phone number used on my old profile, it apparently raised a red flag. I have looked everywhere to find out how to explain the situation and remove the block, only to find out that it's impossible. There's nothing I can do until the Facebook security system decides to remove the block. If you keep trying to access that feature, it will extend the block.

  31. Rika Susan says:

    I eased myself into the new Timeline over a few days and now really like it! It was time for a change. It looks really good and I have had no problems with it!

  32. Salma says:

    When will the new Timeline becomes mandatory as some of my friends are on it and others still using the old system. When will everybody be on the same Timeline?

  33. Mariann Sands says:

    I hate the new timeline too ! I dont want it ! if u give it to me i quit Facebook !

  34. Shanti says:

    You can't access Timeline if your won't give your mobile phone number. It took me ages to realise that is why I can't do it. Thing is, I don't want them to have it.. so it could be interesting to see what happens.

  35. whatthehell says:

    WOOOOW MAAAN. like seriously!!? why the hell is facebook getting shown in public noow!?. that just fricken sucks like hell.! facebook shouldn't go on public!!!!

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