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Why Websites Take So Long To Load [Infographic]

Webpages don’t take nearly as long to load as they did 10 years ago but its all relative right?

There are three main components to loading a webpage: The web-server, the network and the browser (client computer).

In the last 10 years, we’ve seen network speed increase, sever processing power evolve, and a slew of new internet browers.

According to a study based on 1 billion webpages conducted by by New Relic, the average webpage takes 6 seconds to load.

Page load time is a very important statistic for web marketers because a user can do a lot of things in 6 seconds and, many times, a user will decide to leave a page before it is fully loaded because the site appears to lag.

So where are those 6 seconds being lost? According to the study by New Relic, the majority of page load time is caused by the browser. That means that all of those internet browser updates we’ve seen recently are still not bringing browsers to the point that we need them to be.

Don’t believe me? Check out this infographic originally posted on CNET News.

Page Load Time Infographic

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